Sixties Gold

This DVD is comprised of some of my favorite songs from the 1960s, my favorite time period for music. The amount of material that was issued during that time is incredible. Sure, we had The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, but there were a lot of artists that were putting out material that was just as strong, sometimes stronger.

This is the first lesson DVD I feel comfortable recommending to the beginning level guitarist, though someone who started playing a month ago would have to work pretty hard on some of the material. If you know the basic open chords and have a grip on barre chords, you can definitely play these tunes. I introduce you to the chords at the beginning of the song. I play the chord while the chord chart is displayed on your screen. The chords are NOT displayed throughout the entire song. See the sample video on this page for an example. In addition, I strum each part slowly. You clearly see the right hand and what it is doing. I’ve said this when describing other lessons – even though a lot of players focus their attention on left hand technique, right hand technique is just as important. All parts are broken into bite size chunks. All parts are played at speed and are also played very slowly.

What I hope you’ve noticed is that I truly try to offer something for everybody and every skill level. This is geared toward players that have yet to pick up the skill of learning by ear, and I hope that this selection helps with that process. If you’ve watched me long enough, you already know I enjoy myself regardless of the skill required to play a tune. Playing the guitar can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. Like many players who have written to me, I also fight the urge to go on a guitar-destroying mission from time to time. But that’s also one of the great things about the guitar – there’s always something challenging right around the corner!

Take a look at the set list and watch the video on this page. If you remember and enjoy these songs as much as I do, I’m willing to bet you’d be happy to add them to your set list regardless of your skill level.

The track lisitng is as follow:

Do Wah Diddy
Pretty Woman
Love Potion #9
I Think We’re Alone Now
Like A Rolling Stone
Good Lovin’
Mountain of Love
Poor Side of Town

The total running time of this lesson is 90 minutes.

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