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An Introduction To Home Recording

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PLEASE NOTE: The description below is condensed from the video. Download the free Reaper/GR5 test file to be certain Reaper and Guitar Rig 5 Pro are installed properly. Please be aware that I use a PC for this tutorial although GR5 and Reaper run on a Mac as well.

If you are only interested in my ‘Twangy Tone’ Guitar Rig presets, you may purchase them separately below. YOU MUST have the most recent version of Guitar Rig 5 installed on your computer.

PLEASE NOTE: You can use any recording software of your choice. Simply import the wav files and line them up. You can also use any amp plugin of your choice, although my ‘Twangy Tone’ presets will only work with Guitar Rig 5 Pro. You can even mic your amp if that is your preference.

If you’ve ever considered pursuing home recording as a hobby or given it a shot before and could never really get a decent sound, MyTwangyGuitar’s ‘Introduction to Home Recording’ is meant for you.

Don’t let the title mislead you. This complete program was designed to take the newcomer from setting up their sound card to rendering a polished mix they can be proud to share with the world. If you’ve been impressed with my sound these past few years, I guarantee, I can get you there through this clear, concise and well thought out approach to home recording.

This is a hands-on, interactive lesson program that includes a total of six different projects we’ll mix together. I’ll lay down guitar for two of the projects *during* the program. As we work our way through, you’ll be prompted as to which project to open. Each and every step is explained slowly and in detail. Please be aware that since this program was developed with the newbie in mind, I speak in a slow and relaxed pace.

The digital audio workstation we’ll be using is Reaper. You’d be hard pressed to find any home recording tutorial that features the guitar as the main focus. At most, it is treated as an after-thought. Reaper comes with an extensive selection of VSTs. We’ll stick to the stock plug-ins for all of our mixes.

Among just some of the things you’ll learn will be:

*What panning is and how it can help your mixes come through loud and clear.
*The correct levels at which to record your signal
*How to EQ your mix to get rid of the mud
*How to automate your mixes for hands free playback and render
*What compression and limiting are and how they can help your mixes or hurt them if over-used
*How to mix so that each instrument stands out in the mix
*How to get around Guitar Rig and what the manual doesn’t tell you
*Countless tips learned from years of experience

If all of this sounds very basic, you’re right, it is very basic. If you’re already producing great mixes, you’re good to go and probably wouldn’t get much out of this program. Again, this program is intended for an absolute beginner or somebody that has done some recording but was never able to get that perfect mix.

Take a moment to preview the video below for full details. In addition to the lesson program, you will receive 50 Guitar Rig presets and six Reaper projects that you will use to follow along every step of the way. There is also an optional ‘Producer Pack’ available that includes 50 of my dry guitar tracks that you can use to sculpt your tone in Guitar Rig or any other guitar amp sim.

The excellent video below was produced by YouTube user PixxyLixxx. The specs referred to in this video apply to setting up your PC to record as well.

If you’re already one of my regular customers, you already know that my guitar lesson programs come with professional quality backing tracks. Not one, not five but anywhere from 17 to 25 for each program. All different and all full length. As good as they are, all the instruments are already mixed and processed. With the new recording packs, you now have an individual track for each instrument. In the ‘Rockabilly’ project pack, you get the choice of using a stand up or electric bass in your mix. Again, this is completely unique. As the saying goes, garbage, garbage out. It doesn’t matter how good your equipment is or how good your mixing skills are if your tracks aren’t the best they can be. As long as you lay down a solid take and follow the instructions in this lesson program, you’d have to intentionally do something to wind up with anything other than the perfect mix.

The recording packs are an option. You can find more info below:

Click here for more information on the MyTwangyGuitar recording project packs.

I’ve always received nice comments on my tone and it is something I have always taken great pride in and have really appreciated that anybody even noticed. As you know, getting a great guitar tone, especially at home, can be a real chore.

In addition to the almost three hour program in 1080p resolution and your Reaper projects, you’ll also receive 50 ‘Twangy Tone’ Guitar Rig presets. Each preset has been tweaked to perfection. You’ll be able to audition the presets in three ways. Pre-loaded in Reaper for playback, on the MyTwangyGuitar Soundcloud playlist or load them into the mp3 player of your choice or. Never has it been so easy to find the tone you’re looking for. Simply run though sound files to find the tone you’re looking for . Once you’ve located it, load up the preset by the same name and you’re good to go.

There’s also an optional ‘Producer Pack’ available. The ‘Producer Pack’ includes the 50 dry guitar tracks that I used to sculpt each preset. When you receive the ‘Producer Pack’ you’ll simply load up the Guitar Rig preset on the track that corresponds to that preset. Hit ‘Play’ and tweak the preset to taste. You may like the tones just as they are, which I’d totally understand. It’s just a really convenient option for those that want to tweak the tone on the fly without laying down their own track. Don’t worry, this lesson program includes a detailed section on Guitar Rig to get you up and running in no time. I’ll go through everything you need to know so that you have an understanding of what it is you need to do to sculpt, tweak and save your own tone if that is what you wish to do.

I’m sure I lost a few viewers when I mentioned Guitar Rig and that’s fine. What’s important is that you’ve reached the point where you’ve stopped chasing tone. Whether it be in the form of analog or digital, chasing and tweaking tone can be a very frustrating and time consuming experience. A lot of guitarists make the mistake of hunting down all of the gear their heroes used only to discover they’re not even close. Yes, tone is in the fingers to an extent, where technique and phrasing are concerned, but the rig itself will always be the biggest part of the equation. Another important part of the equation is the role that the room plays, the mic and post processing of the recorded signal. There probably isn’t a guitar cut on record that hasn’t been equalized or compressed to some degree.

So what’s my point? My point is you simply can’t beat amp modeling and amp sims for quality, consistency and convenience. I’m certainly not receiving messages on a daily basis asking about my tone because it is terrible. It is obviously something that a lot of folks are interested in achieving and now that is possible.

A complete instructional program on recording and mixing and 50 Guitar Rig presets so that you can nail that tone the moment the red light goes on!

Running time of this course is 3 hours. Download the free Reaper/GR5 test file here to be certain Reaper and Guitar Rig 5 Pro are installed properly.

‘An Introduction To Home Recording’ is priced at 49.95. There is an optional ‘Producer Pack’ available for 24.95. The ‘Producer Pack’ includes the 50 dry/unprocessed tracks used to sculpt the Guitar Rig tones. You can audition the processed tracks above on the MyTwangyGuitar Soundcloud account.

See Product ID below for file sizes. Click here for information about calculating an estimate of how quickly your computer will download this file and other frequently asked questions.

This instructional package is available by download or data disc. The data disc is not a DVD that can be played in your DVD player. You will need to insert the disc in your computer and transfer the files to your hard drive to view. You can save on shipping costs and have it in about an hour by downloading. Please click here for more information on downloading your purchase.

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50 'Twangy Tone' Guitar Rig presets as demoed above on 'Soundcloud'.
Price: $29.95

Total file size = 2.8GB
Price: $39.95
Producer Pack :