Best of Chuck Berry

Stardate: 3/18/17 The King is Dead. The undisputed King of Rock & Roll guitar has moved onto rock and roll heaven. Rock & Roll guitar as we know it today, WOULD NOT EXIST without Chuck Berry – PERIOD. I’ve been playing these songs since 1964 and even at a young age, I knew it was never going to get any better than this and it didn’t.

I began my lesson business in 2010. This lesson package was among the first packages I produced and the attention to detail borders on insanity – it is that accurate. You will learn the CORRECT rhythm and solos to the songs below. You will never find a lesson package produced by a more experienced guitarist with more accuracy. I’ll give you a lifetime guarantee, cowboy!

If you’re a regular YouTube viewer, you know that this week there’ll be more free Chuck Berry lessons than you can count. All of the sudden Chuck Berry matters. Chuck Berry has always and will always matter. If Chuck doesn’t matter, nobody matters.

THIS LESSON PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE TABS. If your teacher never told you this, I’m going to be the first; If you need tabs along with a highly detailed video to play Chuck Berry songs, choose another hobby. I can understand if you’ve never played the guitar before, but other than that, there is no good reason to use tabs – none!

I have chosen eleven songs based on guitar content – not popularity or a song’s chart position. The carefully selected songs are, in my opinion, pack the most punch with Chuck’s great rhythm and lead guitar. I’ve found one other Chuck Berry lesson DVD while searching the internet. It was only available in PAL and teaches five songs and includes one jam track.

This lesson comes with 33 ‘Twangy Tracks’. (Yes, THIRTY THREE – that’s not a misprint!) These are exactly the same drum beats I use to accompany me in the video. You get each track at regular speed, 3/4 speed and half speed. These tracks DO NOT include bass or any other instrument. The great part about this is you can change keys (transpose, come up with your own arrangement, stop if you make a mistake without starting the track over. You can even use the tracks to come up with your own licks and tricks! There are no breaks or click intros. It is the same beat repeated over and again for your learning enjoyment. You’ll receive a disc or download with 33 mp3 files.

Virtually all of the single note runs and leads are played slowly and even slower. All rhythm guitar is played at speed. Clear shots of the strumming hand now make it possible to see exactly what the right hand is doing. Hey, its all down strokes anyway, right?

The track listing is as follows:

Back In The USA
Roll Over Beethoven
Bye Bye Johnny
Johnny B. Goode
Sweet Little Rock and Roller
Let It Rock
Baby Doll
Almost Grown
Around and Around

Your lesson includes practice drum tracks.

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