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Hot Legs

I luv ya, honey! Seriously, does it get any better than this? I still recall when this tune hit the air waves. Here we were in the midst of the disco era and here comes Rod Stewart and the boys with this ferocious number! How many songs do you know that actually *start* with a guitar solo? While the chapter on the DVD is titled ‘Intro’, it is most certainly a guitar solo. Gotta love a singer that let’s the guitarist take the first 45 seconds of the song for a ride!

My YouTube cover uses the ‘Early Take’ version rather than the studio version that was released. This is why the intro may sound a little different to you. Take a listen to both, I actually prefer the version I tackled. There’s a lot more bending going on in the intro, dare I say ‘twang’? 🙂

The guitars are mixed *really* low in the ‘Early Take’ version. Not only that, there IS NOT a solo on the ‘Early Take’, only the rhythm section. This is another reason I selected this version. It can’t get any better than Rod Stewart’s band as my backing track.

The part that this lesson covers is the part I am playing in the video. It is the main rhythm guitar part that is mixed in the center. There are two other guitar parts mixed hard left and hard right. They compliment each other perfectly.

At the time I purchased the official track on Amazon, you could purchase it in the U.S.A. I no longer see it on Amazon U.S.A., I do however see it in the U.K. This studio recording is not available from me as a backing track. You can purchase the backing track here.

If you’re working on a song correctly, you should be working on it in sections. There are nine chapters for this lesson. This lesson includes nine short tracks which are the same tracks and length as used in the lesson. No more scanning trying to find the right spot on your backing track. Are you working on the ‘Solo’? Load up the backing track entitled ‘Solo’ and you’re good to go. It is important to use the the proper practice track for each section. The guitar part on the practice track compliments your guitar part perfectly!

There are a total of nine mp3s, one for each chapter of the lesson. You’ll also receive a ‘Drums Only’ track that runs about four minutes.

Running time of this lesson is 80 minutes.

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