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John and George Blues

It’s amazing how The Beatles took a simple I/IV/V chord progression and made it all their own and instantly recognizable. The goal of this lesson is to demonstrate how you can take a simple backing tracking and come up with the countless ideas. You’ll find anywhere from 17 to 25 backing tracks in our larger lesson package offerings.

If you’re an advanced beginner and above, you should be able to pick up the guitar parts by watching. If you’d like to have some real fun, you can pick up five backing tracks and tab below.

PLEASE NOTE: The video lesson you will receive is THE SAME LESSON ON YOUTUBE with the exception of additional 50% slow demo for each lesson. To be honest, you won’t need it.

Using the chord progression as a basis, I play three different rhythms and one solo.

Your purchase includes:

Four lessons with each part played at speed and at 50% speed with isolated guitar track
Five backing tracks:
*Full instrumentation
*Drums, bass, guitar 1
*Drums, bass, guitar 2
*Drums and bass
*Drums only

Tablature in PDF form for each lesson

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Total file size = 80mb
Price: $14.95