Little Sister

I’ve had a blast digging into the vault and brushing off a few songs I was doing in my last cover band. ‘Little Sister’ was always a crowd favorite – short, sweet and to the point. Within the first 15 seconds of the song, you’re treated to a heavy dose of twang and a catchy guitar riff!

A lot of folks believe that Scotty Moore or James Burton is responsible for the catchy guitar part. It was actually Hank Garland. While you may not be familiar with the name, you’ve heard his work on countless records. He was the ‘go to’ studio guitarist in Nashville during its heyday.

My YouTube cover has been viewed about a quarter of a million times to date. Since I can’t sing like Elvis, I let my guitar do the talkin’. Like I’ve done in many of my covers, I come up with a guitar part that mimics the melody and the phrasing of the lead vocal.

This lesson breaks down each section as in the lesson sample below. Although the video has a fadeout ending, I have included two backing tracks, one with a fadeout and an alternate as used in the lesson sample.

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