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This IS NOT a lesson for the performance posted here.

I doubt there’s a guitar player in my generation that hasn’t attempted to learn this song at one time or another. Heck, I’ve given it a shot more than once myself! The rhythm and fills are fairly straight forward and could be tackled by any intermediate guitarist. Please, if you are a beginner, pass on this lesson. You’ll require a lot of technique and speed to make it through this one.

The solo – wow! At 184 BPM where virtually every note is picked and only a couple of pull-offs, this one is brutal. It will require a lot of speed, clean picking and patience – a lot of patience. Once again, if you are a beginning guitarist – let’s leave this one alone for a bit. If you are an intermediate guitarist it will require a lot of work and patience. If you are an advanced guitarist it will require a little less work and patience.

This lesson is broken into 16 chapters and 40 indexes. 12 of those chapters are devoted to the solo. It is note-for-note. The solo is 24 bars long. It is broken down into the first sixteen bars and the last eight bars. The first sixteen bars are dissected even further. You can only dissect a solo so far before it becomes useless and loses its continuity. Most of the last eight bars are a descending bend that did not require a breakdown to the extent of the first 16 bars.

As always, preview the excerpt from the actual lesson below with guitar in hand. If you can make it through this, you should be able to tackle the rest of the lesson.

This lesson is broken into 16 chapters as follows:

1) Bars 1 through 24
2) Bars 25 through 48
3) ‘Sliding Sixths’
4) Solo – Bars 1 through 16 played at speed
5) Solo – Bars 1 through 8 slowed down
6) Solo – Bars 1 through 8 ultra slowmo
7) Solo – Bars 9 through 16 slowed down
8) Solo – Bars 9 through 16 ultra slowmo
9) Solo – Bars 9 through 14 slowed down
10) Solo – Bars 9 through 14 ultra slowmo
11) Solo – Bars 15 and 16 slowed down
12) Solo – Bars 15 and 16 ultra slowmo
13) Solo – Bars 17 through 24 played at speed
14) Solo – Bars 17 through 24 slowed down
15) Solo – Bars 17 through 24 ultra slowmo
16) Ending

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