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Deciding to do another ‘Rockabilly’ lesson was easy – not only do I love it, but feedback from my ‘Rockabilly Classics’ and ‘Twangy’s Top Twenty Two Tricks’ was overwhelmingly positive. I’ve said this about other lessons, and it’s true for this lesson as well: This lesson isn’t for the beginning guitar player. You should be a good visual learner to get the most from my lessons. If you felt ‘Twangy’s Top Twenty Two Tricks’ was a bit tough for you, you may want to wait before you try this lesson. It will take some technique and speed to master some of these licks. You don’t need to be Danny Gatton but you’ll need some experience under your belt. There are 22 different rockabilly licks included here. Not only do I teach you 22 licks/solos, you’ll get 22 backing/jam tracks to accompany you. I thought about calling this ‘Twangy’s Top Twenty Two Tricks Take Two!’, as it’s in a very similar format.

In previous lessons, I’ve played the material very slowly to help you learn faster. I really felt you deserved more, so I’ve invested in some new software to slow things down more than I could ever play. Watch the trailer below, but keep in mind that the actual lesson’s video quality is even better. I’ve increased picture quality for YouTube and I’ve included a super slomo clip of each lick I teach you. The sound stays in pitch during super slomo and the quality is absolutely killer – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Included are 22 licks/solos, plus my spin on some classic solos, rockabilly riffs – all the good stuff you’ve come to expect. I’ve chosen licks that you can mix and match turnarounds from different licks on the DVD. This package includes 22 backing tracks. All brand new with acoustic and electric rhythm guitar!

I’ve heard it over and again: “Backing tracks, please!” Well, I’ve got you covered. This package includes 22 different rockabilly backing tracks. Now, before you come back and say half of them sound the same, go listen to your favorite rockabilly hits. Most are in the key of ‘A’, and almost all of them are I/IV/V progressions. I’ve included some different progessions for you, and they all sound great. I’ve also included some in the Key of ‘E’.

These are not 22 licks or tricks. These are complete 12 bar solos that you can mix and match for countless possibilities!

Running time of this lesson is 90 minutes. This package includes 22 lessons and backing tracks.

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