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Roots of Rockabilly Guitar

The Roots of Rockabilly Rhythm Guitar and The Roots of Rockabilly Lead Guitar include everything you need to become a well-rounded Rockabilly guitarist.

This package includes 83 different lessons along with 25 different backing tracks. Each lesson includes a full screen fretting and picking hand shot. Every lick/rhythm is performed at speed then demonstrated slowly. You won’t find a more complete rockabilly program at any price.

This package combines the best selling ‘The Roots of Rockabilly Rhythm Guitar’ and ‘The Roots of Rockabilly Lead Guitar’ into one premium Rockabilly program. If the guitar styles of Cliff Gallup, James Burton, Brian Setzer, Grady Martin, Carl Perkins and the rest is what you’re looking for, you’ve found the most complete program available anywhere.

The Roots of Rockabilly Rhythm Guitar

This the the first and only instructional package on the market devoted exclusively to Rockabilly rhythm guitar. Through 50 individual lessons along with 25 high quality backing tracks, you’ll learn everything you need to become a rock solid Rockabilly rhythm guitar player. You’ve heard all the rhythms and fills before but have never found one place to learn it all – until now.

The biggest mistake that most rhythm guitar players make is beating their guitar to death for the entire song. If you don’t learn to play with dynamics – knowing when to let the guitar breathe and when to dig in – you won’t last very long in a band situation. Rockabilly rhythm guitar is more than just playing chords, it’s about playing the appropriate fills and runs.

I would recommend this instructional package to an advanced beginner and above. Virtually all lessons have the chords displayed on the screen prior to the beginning of the lesson. As with 99.99% of all Rockabilly, we’ll stick to major, seventh and ninth chords.

You won’t find a more complete package on the Roots of Rockabilly Rhythm Guitar anywhere at any price. Check out the trailer and free lesson below. 50 complete lessons with backing tracks!

The Roots of Rockabilly Lead Guitar

A few months back, I began working on a new Rockabilly program. Shortly after starting, I realized I wouldn’t be able to fit more than eight songs into a lesson. For instance, The Rolling Stones lesson that showcases both hands full screen limited the lesson to five songs. Coincidentally, I must have received five emails that week asking for a custom lesson for various solos. That’s when it occurred to me to produce a Rockabilly lesson package inspired by the greatest solos of all time!

My customers get a lot of satisfaction out of learning a solo they’ve been trying to learn all of their lives. Many of my customers are working musicians who simply don’t have the time or patience to work out a guitar solo. I think it’s safe to say that 99.9% of all Rockabilly songs are I/IV/V chord progressions. This program is for the guys and gals that have the rhythm down and want to get right to the solo. If it’s worth about 1.50 to learn your favorite Rockabilly solo along with a high quality backing track, this program is for you!

This lesson program includes 33 classic rockabilly solos! You’ll learn classic solos by Cliff Gallup, Luther Perkins, Brian Setzer, Carl Perkins, Grady Martin and more. If the rockabilly licks and tricks aren’t in these solos, it ain’t worth knowin’! You’ll also get 25 different high quality backing tracks mastered in Izotope’s Complete Mastering System.

Solo 1 – Be-Bop-A-Lula – First Solo

Solo 2 – Be-Bop-A-Lula – Second Solo

Solo 3 – Believe What You Say

Solo 4 – Completely Sweet

Solo 5 – Crazy, Crazy Lovin’

Solo 6 – Crazy Legs – First Solo

Solo 7 – Crazy Legs – Second Solo

Solo 8 – Cruisin’ – First Solo

Solo 9 – Cruisin’ – Second Solo

Solo 10 – Cruisin’ – Third Solo

Solo 11 – Fujiyama Mama

Solo 12 – Too Hip, Gotta Go

Solo 13 – Honey Don’t

Solo 14 – Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie

Solo 15 – Hoy, Hoy – First Solo

Solo 16 – Hoy, Hoy – Second Solo

Solo 17 – Well, I Knocked – First Solo

Solo 18 – Well, I Knocked – Second Solo

Solo 19 – Come On, Let’s Go

Solo 20 – Movie Mag

Solo 21 – Blue Suede Shoes

Solo 22 – One Hand Loose

Solo 23 – Ooby Dooby

Solo 24 – Race With The Devil – First Solo

Solo 25 – Race With The Devil – Second Solo

Solo 26 – Folsom Prison Blues

Solo 27 – Skinny Jim

Solo 28 – Black Slacks

Solo 29 – Stood Up

Solo 30 – Summertime Blues

Solo 31 – Ubangi Stomp – First Solo

Solo 32 – Ubangi Stomp – Second Solo

Solo 33 – Whole Lotta Shakin’


*83 Individual lessons with a running time of 5 hours and 45 minutes
*25 different backing tracks
*1 Ultra-Slomo file for ‘The Roots of Rockabilly Lead Guitar’
*Tabs in Guitar Pro and PDF form for all 83 lessons!

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Total file size = 7GB
Price: $79.95