The Rolling Stones

Where do you begin with a band that’s endured more than 50 years? I’ve received the most requests for performances I’ve previously uploaded to YouTube, so that is where we’ll start.

This lesson compilation includes five songs with a running time of 105 minutes. Due to the length of this compilation, alternating full screen picking hand shots is only made possible by offering an optional two disc version. You’ll still get a clear shot of the picking hand without the optional disc in the upper left hand corner.

PLEASE NOTE: All lesson options show both hands on the screen. If you wish to order the lesson that shows the picking/strumming hand full screen in addition to the fretting hand, please select: ‘The Rolling Stones Lesson – Both Hands/Two Disc’.

Please see the free preview below for an example that includes the optional full screen picking hand shot. The two disc set comes in at a whopping 210 minutes.

Rolling Stones Lesson Preview from MyTwangyGuitar on Vimeo.

The single disc running time of this lesson is 105 minutes. The double disc running time of this lesson is 210 minutes.

This lesson compilation includes:

Brown Sugar:

(1) Tuning
(2) Intro
(3) First Verse and Chorus
(4) Second Verse and Chorus
(5) Sax Solo
(6) Third Verse and Chorus
(7) Ending

Honky Tonk Women:

(1) Tuning
(2) Intro
(3) First Verse
(4) First Chorus
(5) Second Verse
(6) Second Chorus
(7) Guitar One Solo
(8) Third Chorus

Midnight Rambler (Live version):

(1) Tuning
(2) Intro
(3) First Verse
(4) Second Verse
(5) Third Verse
(6) Groove Change
(7) ‘Don’t Do That’
(8) Middle Section
(9) Groove out of middle
(10) Ending

Tumbling Dice:

(1) Tuning
(2) Part One
(3) Part Two
(4) Part Three
(5) Part Four

Jumpin’ Jack Flash:

(1) Tuning
(2) First and Second Verse/Chorus
(3) Third Chorus
(4) Fourth Verse and Chorus
PLEASE NOTE: This lesson is taught in open ‘G’ tuning as played by Keith today.

Your purchase DOES NOT include backing tracks. You can download the same backing tracks I use in my YouTube performances HERE. There is not a backing track available for ‘Midnight Rambler’. I will include three separate drum beats in a zip file at the time of purchase as used in my lesson for ‘Midnight Rambler’ only.

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Total file size = 2GB (Includes fretting hand and both hands files)
Price: $19.95