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The Roots of Rhythm Guitar

The foundation for a great guitar player is rhythm guitar. Unfortunately, rhythm guitar has become a lost art. When was the last time you listened to one of today’s players and were impressed by their rhythm guitar skills? I grew up listening and absorbing everything I could from Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, John Lennon, Pete Townshend – all the players in my day knew that if you wanted to stand out in the crowd you’d need good chops. Even if you are the lead guitarist in your band, you’re spending 95% of your time playing rhythm guitar. As they say, the lead guitar player gets the chicks and the rhythm guitar player gets the gigs. I’ll take the gig, thank you!

This specially priced two DVD/CD set includes 50 different rhythms/grooves to 17 different backing tracks. As you’ve heard in the demo video, we now have piano in many of the backing tracks! I’m sure you’ll agree this really spices things up and I’ve been having a blast jamming to these new backing tracks. Although I perform 50 different rhythms, you’ll soon see that you can mix and match different parts to come up with hundreds of rhythm parts on your own.

As I’ve done in my most recent lessons, I showcase both hands when playing the part at speed. This is so important I can’t state it enough. I break down each rhythm after the ‘real time’ performance. Use the slow demo for the notes and use real time performance for phrasing and groove. I have included on-screen chords for all but major bar chords in the breakdown. I honestly don’t think you will need them but they are there should you need the help. I would be willing to bet you were able to learn most of the parts just by watching the demo video.

You won’t find a more complete package on the roots of rhythm guitar anywhere at any price. Check out the trailer and a free lesson below. 50 complete lessons with backing tracks!

It is no secret that I’m not a big fan of using tabs to learn to play the guitar. You’re not making the connection between the fretboard and your ear by using tabs. Tabs are provided for those that simply cannot learn using my proven visual method.

Running time of this lesson is 155 minutes.

What you get:

50 individual lessons
17 backing tracks
Tab in Guitar Pro and PDF form

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Total file size - 2.0GB
Price: $49.95