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Twangy’s Top Twenty Two Tricks!

This title was deleted from my catalog in February 2015. Due to references on my ‘Testimonials’ page, I still get questions about it. Yes, the production quality is a few notches down from what I’m producing today. Even though it’s been unavailable for quite some time, it has STILL outsold everything else in my catalog. Perfect for someone wanting to add some tasty and simple licks to their arsenal.

It’s back; read the original lesson description below.

This is the first lesson I’ve produced that showcases *my* playing style. I have produced this lesson package with the advanced beginner to intermediate guitarist in mind. While these licks may not take a lot of skill, I believe they are as tasty as advanced licks. I’m not a big fan of ‘let me see how many notes I can play’ solos. I want to play a solo that you will remember. They require a minimum amount of technique and speed. This is stuff you can use in any jam or song. You can mix up these licks or play them as I teach you. Along the way, you’ll be inspired to put your own little twists on them. Take the time to learn these licks and you *will* stand out at your next jam session.

I play these licks along to the backing tracks that come with this package. 22 backing tracks in all. The rhythm guitar track is unique to each backing track. The drums, bass and left channel rhythm guitar are identical. I back you up with the rhythm guitar groove that fits the lick you are playing. You will hear how a rhythm guitar player *should* be backing you up based on the lick/groove you are playing – while listening, notice the phrasing, as it will help your sound become more complete. These are ultra high quality tracks using the same software and instruments as my videos. Each backing track is 2:53 long.

These are not licks or tricks. These are complete 12 bar solos that you can mix and match for countless possibilities!

Check it out:

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