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My Twangy Guitar was recently named Best Rockabilly Guitar Lesson Site!

Q: “Do your lessons play on a Mac or iPad?”

A: Yes. Apple has always been pretty restrictive in allowing what works and doesn’t on the Mac or iPad. By installing VLC Media Player on your Mac or iPad, you can easily play DVDs on the Mac or watch the files on the iPad. You can download VLC Media Player for free by clicking HERE. Check out this tutorial on how to play DVDs on Mac products!

Q: “What video formats are your lessons in?”

A: MP4. Please click here for more information.

Q: “Do your lessons include backing tracks?”

A: Most lessons include backing tracks. Please refer to each individual page to see which lessons include backing tracks.

Q: “Do your lessons include tab?”

A: Most lessons include tab. You can find a complete list here as well as listed on the individual product page. If you don’t see it, I don’t have it.

I personally would like to see you attempt to learn visually and by ear. Nothing will stunt your growth more than tabs. Several of my customers are guitar instructors. Here’s what one of them said regarding a visual demonstration versus sheet music:

“I continue to find your lessons inspiring and extremely easy to follow. I have picked up so much detail from them, I can’t even estimate — all the stuff that can never be learned through sheet music. It’s guitar music, plain and simple. You have to think like a guitarist to get it, and then it’s very straightforward. And great music, too.”

Q: “Does your tab include music notation and guitar tablature?”

A: Yes it does. Click here to view the tab for the video below.

Q: “I’ve never played guitar before. Where should I start?”

A: My lessons are not meant for absolute beginners, although many beginners have told me my instruction was perfect for them. Take a moment to watch the preview video below. Were you able to pick things up by watching? Congratulations, you are a visual learner!

Q: “Is the download process really as easy as you say it is?”

A: Easier. Choose the ‘Download’ option when you make your purchase and you’ll be learning right away – no waiting! After you’ve downloaded your file you can watch it directly from your hard drive with VLC Player. This is a free player and one of the best!

Click here to see how fast and easy it is to download your purchase!

Q: “I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I pay with my credit card without registering with PayPal?”

A: Yes. You will have the option of using PayPal any major credit card card when you check out.

Keep on rockin’!