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Instructions For Downloading Your New Lesson

Terms & Conditions

By making a download purchase from our site, you agree that you have downloaded the test file and played it back successfully. There are no refunds on downloads and you agree to back up your purchase immediately. You also agree that you have read the product description and understand what is included with your purchase. There is NO DOUBT what your purchase includes and does not include. Please CLICK HERE to download the test file in mp4 format. Hey, there’s some really good free lessons here! 🙂

Your download link is good for a total of five downloads. You must download your product within 72 hours. If you have a problem downloading your product, you must give us a detailed explanation as to what occurred and what you will do to prevent the problem from reoccurring. You will only be issued one additional download link in the first six months after your purchase. No additional download links will be issued after that time. We don’t play the “My computer crashed and I lost everything” game. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please CLICK HERE to view a demo playback video. Your lesson includes chapter stops and index points. The ONLY software that I recommend for trouble-free playback is VLC Player. You can use other players with success such as, Quicktime, but VLC Player is much more powerful. VLC Player has the ability to loop a particular part of a lesson and slow it down. Best of all – it is free! 🙂

To be certain your download and viewing experience goes smoothly, I highly recommend that you download the test file that I’ve prepared for you. If you can successfully download and view the test file, you will have a smooth experience after you’ve downloaded your purchase.

If you choose not to download the test file and discover you have trouble downloading successfully, you WILL NOT receive a refund.

Are you mostly at the computer or do you want your lesson on your tablet or pad? I would recommend the mp4 file. PLEASE NOTE: The MP4 files are indexed at the same points as a regular DVD. For best results, use VLC Player or Quicktime. If your video is playing back without sound, the fix is to use VLC Player or Quicktime for playback. BE SURE YOU UNZIP THE FILE!

After extensive testing, I settled on the M4V file format. Why? M4V is a file extension for a container file defined in the systems part of the MPEG-4 standard (ISO 14496-1), as downloaded by iTunes. An M4V file can be renamed to the more common extension of MP4 to be played on other media players as well. In order to download your lesson directly to your iPad, you will need an app such as the one found HERE.

Does the information above sound like a foreign language? Do not place an order!