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My Twangy Guitar was recently named Best Rockabilly Guitar Lesson Site!

My Twangy Guitar was recently ‘Liked’ by Premier Guitar! The Unsung Heroes of Twang Guitar

The testimonials below are actual emails I’ve received:

Hi Sam & Team,

I’m a long-time fan of your work and videos, and a previous customer, but I’ve never reached out before. I’ve played guitar for many years, but I’ve been stuck and to be honest haven’t even touched the instrument much since my Dad passed away last month. I started going back through your lessons that I had previously purchased years ago and that has helped me get my “mojo” back, and I just bought the “Twenty Two Tricks” from your site as well. Playing around with just the first few licks from that one has already got me wanting to run through them all, and purchase more lessons from you to keep the momentum going. I’ve tried joining membership sites and learning from many different places online to get solid instruction on rockabilly, but no one does it like you do (or even comes close). So thank you!



Best lesson in the history of wannabe guitar players looking for the Holy Grail. No pentatonic scale, I IV V, (good stuff notwithstanding…) or other BS to make the lesson so long that you can’t stay focused and end up doing something else. Love the rockabilly type of sound and I can’t stop playing it. My Chuck Berry licks fit right in too! Darn close to perfection in a guitar lesson. Thanks! Did I mention it was cheap too?



You have no idea how big a smile people get when they open your email and click on your latest offering. You really have no idea. I thought it couldn’t get any better after the last Freddy King piece. But rocking out to John Lee? Its just too much. You are the crack cocaine of this stuff. Thats it….I’m dong a video review. I have some skills you don’t know about.

I’m a hack like most everyone out here, but I have two of yours down cold now and can’t wait till I get in my new son in laws basement next year….he thinks he is all that and has no idea I know anything at all. “oh, is that a guitar, can I try?”

Sam……you are the best at this. As soon as my eyes open enough to read my credit card numbers…… getting this. Your arrangements on everything are just enough of a different take that we are all learning the song, but with the twist and able to make them our own. If you have the fundamentals down, what you do actually makes playing fun for us.

Thank you for what you do

haw haw haw haw



First off, no complaints whatsoever!!! Just purchased your Freddie King Combo pack and can’t wait for it to arrive. I have purchased several items from you and they are nothing less than outstanding. I have never seen lessons this detailed or helpful, so thanks!!



I understand and I really appreciate you not hard selling this or any of your products which I guess is one of the reasons I’m a repeat customer. I’ve bought stuff from you in the early days and some of your more recent downloads and its been cool to watch not only how I have gotten better with the guitar but also to see you improve on the many aspects of what you do. Your courses have gotten more detailed, your courses have become more user friendly and the quality has always been top notch. I don’t have a single course or download from you that I haven’t been 100% satisfied with. Trust me, I probably know more about internet training courses than anyone and your track record is not reached by too many other folks out there pedaling their wares – There is some real crap.

Thanks for the answer and guidance and I will download the course and Reaper in the morning – getting late here on the east coast.

Cheers Craig


Your instructional DVDs (I have “Twangy’s Top Twenty Two Tricks” & “Rockin’ the Blues) are so useful, the guitar is truly a limitless instrument. Your style of “getting right to it” is very refreshing. Am learning a ton from you.

Glad to be on your mailing list.

John F


Thanks for being a great teacher! I am an older, retiree and I find your lessons so good, I am now practicing 4+ hours a day. I just cant stay away from my guitars for too long it seems. I will be a new regular in the order department for sure. Heck, I may start playing gigs again. Your simple approach to teaching proves that “the wise needs only a hint”. Keep up the good work my friend.
Best Regards, Fred

Hi Sam,

I got all my tabs loaded now. Again, thanks for your patience and understanding.

All the work you put into these lessons really shows. The quality is superb, and I also think your whole approach is second to none! I pay particular attention to what your hands are doing, not just the notes. I try to catch the nuances you apply in your playing, and I also try to use the tabs only to check that I got the notes right from the video. Anyway, thanks again, and know that your hard work is appreciated.



You wouldn’t believe it how much I have spent on video lessons this year. I had to purchase a 3 TB external drive to store them all. They are all good, but I wish I had found yours a long time ago. They address what I really want to do…JAM OUT! Btw, your backing tracks are THE best I have heard. Other sites backing tracks are like 1 minute long. Just long enough for the lesson. Yours are full length jam tracks and they sound amazing. Honestly, they alone are worth what I paid for the lessons. I just received the links for the ISOs. I really appreciate it. Anyway, thank you for the new links and all the time you put into your lessons and backing tracks. I will definitely spread the word and WILL be purchasing more from you!

Your new fan,

John C.

Hey Sam,

I just ordered “Roots of Rhythm Guitar” and can’t get enough of your Lessons. I have been playing for a long, long time but your playing has got me to fine tune my playing and “Unplug” my Hard Rock pedals so to speak. Been playing Aerosmith to ZZ Top so I really find these songs and styles refreshing to say the least.

John T.


Not sure if this is the best place to send this, kind of feel like others should see it in a testimonial or such but either way. Wanted to let you know I bought another lesson from you – hit you up on the Cyber Monday deals. I got the Twangy Treats, Playing with Fire and having read the instructions (and followed them) plus it not being my first download I quickly was up and running. The first thing I recognized was the high quality of the video and sound. Trust me, having bought a lot of on-line stuff there is some real crap out there, literally filmed with iPhones and the such. Anyway the thing that really grabbed me was I started scrolling fingering great there are a couple lessons on here, probably 5 or 6. I kept scrolling and scrolling until I hit 22! I probably shouldn’t be mentioning this but this is really a deal and a lot of lesson for $17. Your competitors would have put 3 to 5 lessons on the disc then offered Volume two, three four etc soaking more money out of you. Don’t get me wrong, I want you to make money cause if you don’t you won’t do it and then I out of luck. What I’m trying to say is fantastic lessons and definitely worth every dollar and then some.

Cheers, Craig

Hi Sam,

David A* here. Been out of touch for a long time. I hope all is well.

Checked out your site again and there was a BUNCH of great new lessons there. I decided to get ‘The Roots of Lead Guitar’, though I would gladly have gotten a bunch more. Now I’ve got to decide — classics or Buddy Holly, rhythm or bridging from blues to rock.

For a long time, I was too busy to study the lessons I got from you earlier, but that has changed and I am spending much more time playing now. Incidentally, I have found ‘Twangy’s Top Twenty Two Licks’ perfect for introducing students to all kinds of techniques and more important, the rhythmic feel of rock.

I am currently writing for American Songwriter, going into my second year there. The column is “Measure for Measure.” I am starting to film some instructional videos this year. Taylor Guitars is sponsoring me to the extent of lending me a new guitar for each video, which I thought was pretty darned generous. I will send you links to some articles and include PDFs of some e-books.

I continue to find your lessons inspiring and extremely easy to follow. I have picked up so much detail from them, I can’t even estimate — all the stuff that can never be learned through sheet music. It’s guitar music, plain and simple. You have to think like a guitarist to get it, and then it’s very straightforward. And great music, too.


From The Gretsch Pages forum regarding
‘The Roots of Rockabilly Lead Guitar’.

“I don’t own stock in this guys company but when I find a special great product I like to pass it along. I just got this from My Twangy Guitar and all I can say is WOW!! WOW!! I have been playing my own version of a lot of these great songs half assed but passable with my rockabilly band for years. This DVD makes it so easy to get the solo right and the super slow motion is awesome. I have bought a lot of instruction DVD’s and CD’s over the years. This one is by far the best rockabilly video I have ever had. No BS and no talking about technique or the chord being a MinorMajorD+-Diminished13x2 in the Lickalesbian or Nicolodian Mode Just a very clear precise visual of how to do it. It is so worth the money less than a $1.50 a solo. Check this guy out. Don’t know who he is but his product is top cabin.”



Thank you so much , best material ever !! Downloaded fine and easy to burn DVDs … Best Rhythms ever by far , plus they all hook together to give you a great Rhythm library for playing the Blues . Really love your lessons ,

Mahalo from Maui Hawaii , Rich


Just downloaded my third order. I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful lessons. I’m kind of slow with it all but please know, I am progressing more than I have ever been able to before. You are certainly one rockin’ individual. This material is totally awesome for me, both for learning as well as entertainment. Super quality. Great job! Happy 4th! See you next time.


Just downloaded the Rock’n the Blues and again, another great product. You may recall I wrote to you before about the high quality of another lesson I bought (Desperado) and we exchanged some tech tips on sound and amp set up. Anyway just wanted to take the time to tell you I have extensive experience with on-line guitar lessons and training and you’re are some if not the highest quality out there – both technically and for content. I spent 3 years in France and had a great deal of time to practice my guitar because my family was back in the States. Needless to say with the language barrier and all I started surfing the internet for lessons and such. I have a good deal of money in both good and bad on line downloads – it’s a shame some of the stuff that people are putting out there. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase buy beware. Anyway you have never disappointed. Great product and I right in line with the kind of music you put out which is another reason it is a big plus for me.

Craig M.

Hi Sam,
I hope you are fine. I’m writing to you just to let you know that I have been able to download all the files of my purchase without any further problem and everything works just perfectly. Thanks again for your quick and kind support when I first had some troubles with the links, I really appreciate it. I am completely satisfied with my purchase, you are an excellent player, your teaching method is awesome and I’m enjoying every single lesson. Please feel free to add my email address to any mailing list of yours regarding your future products and lessons. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll do my best to make all my friends down here in Italy fully aware of your site and wonderful lessons.

I do wish you all the best, Matteo

Hi Sam –

Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your lessons. I’m 55 years old and have been trying to learn guitar for the last five years. Your lessons really bridge the gap between trying to learn from tab or guitar books. No other instructor presents such a clear view of what is really going on with the fretboard hand and strumming pattern. I couldn’t believe that I was actually playing a reasonable facsimile of “Run, Run Rudolph” after following your lesson for a couple of sessions.

Just ordered the Rockabilly Classics download and I can’t wait to get started.

William H.

I’ve been playing guitar for some 35 years but only played casually. Over the last few years I began seriously looking at learning the art professionally. I’ve watched many a YouTube video and even bought several sets of DVDs from other YouTube’ers providing lessons. The one area that really turned me off was having to listen to mind numbing stories between steps. I just wanted to learn technique, how to master scales etc but instead faced people telling me their life stories in between steps. OR they would go so mind numbingly slow that I quickly lost interest. I found this to be true with private lessons where I faced tutors who were more interested in providing a show of their skills rather than teaching.

When I found MyTwangyGuitar I knew I found the right tutor for me. No unnecessary long winded stories, not throwing a bunch of tabs at me which I can do myself. Instead I saw fluid lessons, slow where necessary but not like watching paint dry. I do appreciate what tutors offer both locally and via YouTube, but when I pay for lessons I want lessons not a history lesson of their life and a show of their skills. I bought a substantial set from this site, I just felt this is the best way to tutor. It certainly taking my guitar play to new levels and its already feeling very rewarding. I’ve tried many a site, many different Youtube tutors and even private tutors, nothing holds a candle to these lessons. He just gets right down to teaching technique and at a pace that wont bore you to tears. One thing that is seldom taught his fluid and effortless hand work. I found that to be a huge selling point for me as showmanship is a big part in playing guitar. A lot of the tutors on YouTube make things look way more complicated than they have to be where he makes it look effortless.

Good for beginners but great for intermediate to advance players. The first time my attention has been focused on learning and that is a huge compliment to this tutor and his lessons. If you can’t keep a person’s attention beyond 15 minutes, you have already failed that student. This gent does not disappoint. I believe my first order was 14 DVDs lessons. That was how confident I was on his ability to teach. I was not disappointed and will return for the DVDs I left out of the first order.

Jim R.

Hey Sam,

Wanted to save a response until I got through nearly all the DVDs. My opinion is still the same and this was probably the best money Ive spent on anything musical to date. Lets see if I can say this in as few as words as possible. 😀 I think your DVDs are a bridge that not a lot of other tutors ever get to. You either have very serious DVDs going into notations, reading music, or you have beginners. Watching someone pluck the same note, over and over for 5 minutes to make sure you understand where on the fretboard it is.

Your vids fill that big hole between intermediate and very advanced. I can only speak from my own experience but every friend I have has said the same thing. A student gets to the point where they understand terminology well. They understand chords, they understand chord patterns down the neck. They understand hammer on’s and pulls off’s. No one teaches technique, timing, and showmanship. I was stuck between intermediate and very good. I didnt have the patience to sit through videos showing me how to form a E chord or C chord. It was like watching paint dry and I would often just fast forward and probably losing some valuable information in the process. Your vids gives the student the benefit that they know the basics. They know chords by heart, they know more than the upper neck chord fingering. They know their power chords, they understand pulls offs and hammer on’s, and probably can read tablature well enough to get by. They even know their rudimentary scales and feel overall comfortable with all the intermediate things you need to know. What no one teaches and you do it spades is teach technique. Fluid hand movement, timing, and frankly the stuff that turns a intermediate student into a good guitar player.

In short you fill a void Sam. Great vids, Im still soaking them all in but they are at a pace that keeps me watching them without fast forwarding. To me thats a difference maker right there.

Great stuff, its really really helped my play style already.

Jim R.


Just wanted to say thank you for all of the lessons! You are cranking them out faster than I can learn them.

A banjo teacher I once had (yes, bluegrass banjo) gave me some great advice on practicing. She said, “all I want you to do is practice 10 minutes a night, that’s all, just commit to10 minutes a night. Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t work. You can’t just practice for 10 minutes! 10 minutes turns into a half hour or one hour or two…..

I just don’t know what I am going to do with all of the lesson books I have bought through out the years that never taught me anything. They go back to the early 70’s. I used to always think that if someone could just show me how to play that, I could do it. Reading music is painful and tablature isn’t much better. (did I mention the ADD thing?)

As far as I am concerned you have hit the nail on the head. You have a gift for learning and for teaching and you are passing it on. Hats off to you my friend! The accordian would have been much easier to learn if….wait…never mind. Yes, the accordian was my first instrument, then the clarinet, guitar, banjo, guitar, saxaphone, guitar. (ADD, yes it’s real!)

Can’t wait to for the next lesson! Happy Fathers Day!!!! I have 2 boys..30 and 33…(lol boys, you know what I mean) we’re golfing on Father’s Day.

Take Care,

~ Mike

Hi Sam,
I got my Rockabilly Combo DVDs this morning and spent all morning watching them. Superb. Your service, material, everything – even the packaging is second to none. Oh to get Eddie Cochran with “authentic solos” with your touch. A few weeks ago it’s something I could only dream of. All the songs and the rockabilly riffs DVD are Number 1 material.

I was always lead to believe you can have quality or quantity – not both. Well, you are true to your word, Sam, because you have given me BOTH QUANTITY AND QUALITY in your DVDs. If I may say so, I appreciate your sense of humor. In the rockabilly DVD , I thought you stopped to look at the time, but it was your mobile phone. I was smiling all through the rest of the lesson. May I say this in no way impaired the quality of the music. In fact, it added that “human touch”.

I am more than a satisfied customer and I have ordered your Chuck Berry DVD. You have my future business, Sam. I am so glad I dropped by your site. May I add that I am no expert but you do an excellent visual demo. I just look at the fret you’re playing on and have a good idea of the key and chord progression to follow – better than any tab book.

Anyway, all the best to you, Sam. It’s cold and been raining in the UK for the last 7 days and we’ve got it for another 7. The sun is shining in our house, now that I’ve got your DVDs on my 42″ television. Ha ha.

Regards, Bruce

Hi Sam,

Thanks so much for your very nice email and outstanding service. Also, thanks for putting together the new Buddy Holly DVD. I have purchased many of your other DVDs in the past and all are superior and excellent in every way. Please keep making your YouTube videos and DVDs. I watch your YouTube videos each and every day when I practice my guitar. You always make it a very pleasurable and motivating experience for me. Thank you again for all your hard work, time and knowledge that you put forth in everything you do for all of us.

Keep on picking,

Brad B.

Hello Sam,

I received your DVDs this week, nicely packaged as usual and top quality.

Thanks again for sharing your expertise and knowlegdge, I learn a lot from your DVDs and it gives a lot of pleasure trying to play the wonderful songs you bring to us.

Kind regards,

Gerald V.

Thank you, Sam. It’s excellent, just excellent.

Keep doing what you’re doing. You have the best Rockabilly instruction site anywhere, bar none. I’ll probably buy anything you put out in the future. I have so far.

I don’t know how I didn’t find you all this time. I usually try to search Youtube for music instruction videos and then follow up and go to a person’s website for further material. When I saw your site I knew I had found a treasure trove. We seem to like the same artists. Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Duane Eddy, Creedence, man, it just doesn’t get any better that that.

Well, I’ll quit bothering you. I can never thank you enough for doing this video for me.

As I said before, keep on twangin’.

You’re the best,

Marlin M.

Hi Sam,

Amazing. Loving them. Cracks me up when people on YouTube ask for tabs. I imagine the 50s, 60s and 70s when folks had to wear out their records and needles playing a song segment over and over to figure it out. I like your “program” without tabs as it helps me develop an ear and sense of the fret board and notes and progressions that apply to other songs and just fun.

Anyway, 50-year-old dude just learning guitar in home office. Wonderful lessons.


Hi Sam,

I received the ‘Twangy Berry Blues’ DVD on Monday. I’m halfway through the song already! I’m a member of ‘’ and I’ll tell you, YOUR lessons are so much BETTER than theirs! I have a completely different attitude towards my playing now. I can’t get enough! I’m not an ass-kisser by any means – your lessons have me hooked!

Lou D.

Just wanted to drop you a message and say how much I’ve appreciated and learned from your lessons. I’m still working through the latest release (which I have to admit I’d been waiting for with great anticipation!) ‘Twangy Berry Blues’ when I saw your message regarding your release of an all time favorite ‘Run Rudolph Run’ which I’ve wanted to learn for some time but never quite worked out.

The quality of your lessons and products is just top notch. The split shot screens are oustanding and the clarity of images are really coming out great. Keep up the great work and keep those releases coming! I can’t pick them up fast enough! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Brian M.
Milwaukee, WI

Hi Sam,

I’ve been following you for quite awhile on YouTube, but I hadn’t had a chance to take advantage of a lesson of yours until you released “Playing With Fire!” I have to say: My loss! There was more great stuff on that single lesson than I’ve ever gotten from ANY lesson I’ve ever taken, and I’ve spent a pretty penny on instruction in the 30 years I’ve been playing.

The lesson is well presented, easy to follow and, most importantly, the material is stuff that I can find a use for almost every day that I play. Easily worth two or three times what I paid. Considering I’m pretty cheap, that’s a huge compliment. Thank you!

I also grabbed Twangy Berry Blues, and I’ve got to say to anyone reading this…IT IS A MUST-HAVE! Get it now. You’ll be glad you did!

Keep up the good work!

Ray R.

Well – I took the plunge. I purchased CCR Volume 1. The purchase and download went as flawless as your playing. I spent about 5 minutes with “Bad Moon Rising” – as it’s always been a song that I wanted to learn. I’ve spent a lot of money on guitar lessons over the years (which were outstanding, by the way). But I can tell that this DVD will definitely get me to the next level that I want to be at. Thanks so much for providing a quality product at a fabulous price. I got mine for the “Black Friday” price of $24.95 – and it is EASILY worth that and much more, in my opinion. Thanks again, Twangy – for giving me a rebirth in my guitar playing. Gotta go – CCR is waiting.

Scott A. on Facebook

Yo Twangy,

I just got through your “Rhythm Sessions” DVD. I haven’t gotten it perfect to where I’m rippin’ it like you yet, but I’m gettin’ there. Your playing is so tasteful, it’s really rockin’- great stuff. I love it.

It takes a little work (it’s not too bad), but it’s so worth it to learn this. It’s essential to get this stuff down. I haven’t even gotten to “Twangy’s Top Twenty Two Tricks” or “CCR Vol.2” yet…whew!

– Joe

Hi Sam
“Twangy Treats – Playing With Fire!” just came in the mail. I did a quick look at each one and am glad you’re still giving it your all. The assortment is great with lots of new turn arounds and the way you have shot the film makes it easy to learn these. Thanks again for the hard work you do.

Faithful fan number one, Charlie


‘Twangy’s Treats – Playing With Fire’ is an awesome lesson. I’m sitting here with a big smile working with this great tool, especially for those of us who are rockabilly freaks. Keep them coming!


Hi Sam,

First of all, great! Everything in ‘Twangy’s Top Twenty Two Tricks’ is very clear, thanks to the high video quality and high contrast in the image. The presentation is well organized and the breakdown play is easy to follow. I have been using the Top Twenty Two Tricks with students because they fit very well into the half-hour lesson format and students take away something they can “own” with every lesson. I was also surprised to see how much difficulty they have with the licks, because I consider the them all pretty straightforward. About one lick per half-hour lesson is the max. However, each of them gives me exactly what I want: teachable moments. I play the lick and it provides instant motivation to learn, whereas if I talk about the “E chord shape,” the kids’ eyes glaze over. After they go home and practice the lick for a week, they can usually play it just fine by the next lesson. Then I suggest transposing it to other keys. This gives me a chance to work into some deeper guitar and fretboard knowledge, such as the circle of fifths. The next step will be to teach them to vary the lick, moving them another step closer to improvisational freedom.

‘The Rhythm Sessions’, however, “pleased” is an understatement. Your DVDs are like a gateway to a new world for me. The new world isn’t just technique — it’s spirit. It’s a bit of a coincidence that I came across TwangyGuitar when I did, because I’d been moving in the general direction of rhythm guitar over lead guitar for awhile beforehand. It seems to me that rhythm is the soul of the music. Lead is all sparks and dazzle, but it’s built on an understanding of rhythm guitar. Simultaneously, I realized that my rhythm playing was weak — not technically weak, but weak in terms of vocabulary. I also think it’s partly because I’m left-handed playing right-handed guitar. My right hand is terminally lame. So there you are with Rhythm Sessions, and it perfectly filled the void. I plan to go through each and every one of the examples and soak ’em up.

David A.

“Hi Sam

I sat down this weekend and learned ‘Shazam’ – Duane Eddy – from the downloaded lesson and actually got it…many thanks! I’m 44 now I started playing the guitar about 4 years ago. I have been struggling and trying, but now I find that if I give it time and actually work on it and play the vids back and forth, I’m actually getting it! That’s what’s called progress. Anyway, I wanna thank you for doing your vids – keep up the good work and keep new stuff coming. You help many aspiring players better themselves.

Best regards,

Micael S.”

“Hi Sam,

I purchased and downloaded your Chuck Berry, and Twangy Techniques combo pack about 6 weeks ago. They are the best investment I have ever made. I had stalled out playing the same old licks and getting frustrated with trying to pick up new licks from tab. With your approach I get the licks in my head first and then watch and try them out until I get the rhythm. Right hand first for the rhythm then the reverse shot for the left hand. It works for my and is fun too, no more boring practice, this stuff rocks. The Chuck Berry DVD is magic, can I put my order in now for your Keith Richards DVD whenever you get round to it……………..your Honky Tonk Women You Tube flick is brilliant.

May the Twang be with you…..


“Hi Sam,

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the purchase that I made with you.
I can now play Little Sister ala MyTwangyGuitar style!
<not as good as you!>

Off to ‘Because they’re Young’…



I have purchased the Chuck Berry DVD and love it. I love Chuck Berry’s music and would like to thank you for bringing it closer to me than I ever thought possible.

If I can purchase The Collection minus the Chuck Berry DVD which I already own just send me an email requesting payment and address information and I will email you back. I am a big Chuck Berry fan and hope that you make more Chuck Berry DVD’s.

Your guitar playing is great and I know that I will learn from the best.


William V.

I wanted to say thank you for the excellent product that you have on your site. Payment with PayPal and direct downloads made the transaction quick and easy.
The lessons are fantastic! I have only started to use them as a learning tool; the first hour with the DVD was spent just watching and listening.
Keep up the great work and please keep posting on YouTube, Facebook and the Gretsch sites.
Best Regards,


Thank You … 1,000 % Satisifed. These are F***ing Great! Like a zillion other folks … I’ve seen, over and over, many of your YouTubes. This is an exceptional deal, and after a quick “once thru” just to check ’em out, I’m glad I purchased your entire package. I’ve had guitars around for DECADES (yeah, I’m an old fart), but now I’m PLAYING… almost every night. And that’s just from your YouTube offerings. I can’t thank you enough!!… So I’ll probably be buying some more. Best of Luck 2 Ya… “

Dave W.


Chuck Berry Instructional DVD

You have made it possible for me to emulate one of my all time heros, you make it look so easy on this DVD (I know it’s not as easy as you make it look but now at least I have a chance!) until now all I had to learn from was a Chuck Berry Tablature book which to be honest is hard to follow and play at the same time, your DVD is clear and easy to follow & if you miss something the slowed down version that follows the full speed one makes it simple to get it right the second time. The addition of the drum backing tracks at different speeds at the end of the DVD was a stroke of genius and much appreciated, I would have gladly paid twice the price for this DVD as I would for all the others have purchased from you, great product and worth every penny.

CCR lesson & DVD 1 & 2

I recently purchased the set of CCR tuition DVDs that you have on offer and I would like to say that they are the best that I have ever come across, after many years of searching I have found some poor imitations and bad tabs but the format of your DVDs is second to none, the way you slow everything down and show different angles of the camera are brilliant and thus do away with the need for tablature. I have been trying to learn from books and also from watching video but I have struggled because you never get a close up slowed down view of what you are trying to learn the end result is always failure.

The Classics

Congratulations on another great DVD I have been looking for years for a good tuition video to learn ‘Wipe Out’ & ‘Pipeline’ from, this DVD is so accurate to the original its untrue, not only have you made it possible for me to learn these two great tunes there are a number of others that are on the DVD that now don’t appear to be impossible. I will be buying from you again for sure thank you.

Compilation Lesson DVD

Once again another Brilliant DVD, This DVD has some Classics on it and some fun Tunes as well It is very well made and the video quality once again is great quality, the video format and different camera angles leave nothing to the imagination & I would recommend all your DVD products to any Guitarist experienced or beginner alike. Thank you once again for a great product, I can’t wait for the next one.

Duane Eddy DVD

Another Fantastic release Sam, once again you have surpassed yourself, clear camera angles & easy to follow progressions You have done Duane Eddy proud, all my favourites are here, well done!!

Terry D. from England



I purchased your new “tones patches” for the line 6 gear box. OMG. I LOVE THEM!! You have no idea how long I have been waiting for someone to help me find the CORRECT effects settings!! You have saved me hundreds of dollars on stomp boxes and hundreds of hours of trying to find the right settings for my tunes on my pedals!! This download is a Gold Mine!! Please let me know when you have more!! I am one grateful customer who appreciates the many hours you had to put in to make my life easier!!! KEEP THEM COMING!! “



” Hi Twangy,

I recently purchased your Rockabilly Classics ISO file and must tell you it is the best companion exercise me and my new Gretsch G6120-1959LTV. You’re truly an inspiration encouraging me to improve my guitar playing and having fun at the same time. You provide a quality product in a format that is easy to use and apply for instructional use. Keep up the great work. In me, you have secured a repeat customer! “

Guy M.


” hi twangy, how ya doin’.??? hope all is well. steve mcguire here. I have purchased from you in the past…i downloaded the twangy’s 22 licks and tricks as well as rockabilly rules…gotta tell ya’, i have never enjoyed anything so much as i have, learning from these two great sets.of lessons i am still working on both of them…probably got abut 8 or 9 of your licks and tricks down fairly well…as and added bonus, i have been changing them up and using them in all kinds of situations when i am practicing and jamming to my favorite jam tracks..

rockabilly is definitely my favorite style of music…no doubt about it…you may recall or not, that i am a certified chuck berry freak/reverb nut, because of my 1960’s coming of age time of life, playin” in little garage bands as a rhythm guitarist..just turned 62…

as an added bonus to the benefits mentioned above, as i was practicing some of your 22 tricks and licks one evening about three weeks ago, i had a playing plateau breakthrough i was not expecting to happen the way it did….all of a sudden, in the middle of a jam track practice i was able to increase my speed and accuracy by about triple in literally an instant…i was blown away…it was the damnedest thing that has ever happened to me while playing and practicing guitar…and these are two of the techniques i have been trying to improve and have been struggling with for a long time…speed and accuracy…so, i just wanted to say a big thank you…your lessons are working beyond my wildest expectations…no kidding…just incredible…

ok, i know you, so down to business…i have put together a personal combo pack…hope i am doing this correct…i would like to purchase your 60’s gold package and the rockabilly classics..i do not want them shipped..i just want to download everything and burn them to cd myself, which i think you mentioned we can do, and i did that with my last two purchases…i guess i am just not positive how that will work with the discount…and even if i can’t get the discount i’ll still buy them…

ok…i also had an is business, so i hope i am not being too forward in giving this a try…your jam tracks are really great…they sound there any chance you may offer these tracks or future tracks with a license that would permit your customers/students to record over them….NOT for commercial use…but just for personal use and to share with family and friends..

i have purchased jam tracks in the past from one place i really like…they’re called 50…very well made tracks…the last time i purchased, they offered their customers the option of purchasing a license for a price, which permitted the customers the right to use the tracks as they please to record over…well i was ecstatic and purchased a license from them…i know how you are about copyright and rightly so…so i had to ask…and if you do decide to offer something in this vein in the future i will be first in line to purchase…i would love to record myself over some of your jam tracks…they are just awesome…but i will not touch that without a license…sorry, this is so long…

lookin’ forward to downloaiding 60’s gold and rockabilly classics… thanks twangy, “

steve m.


” Hello Sam,

Just want to thank you for bringing such wonderfull instructional DVDs.

I play the guitar for just over a year now so I am still a beginner and one off the first songs I learned to play are Rebel Rouser and The Lonely One from Duane Eddy (the guy is just great) en looking for information on Duane Eddy I found your wonderfull site full of stuff I like so much.

Then I saw you playing and that is just great to hear and see you play the guitar, there are some minor changes made to the song the way I learned it that makes a huge difference and thank you for sharing your knowlegde and making this wonderfull dvds.

They are top quality, there must be a lot of work and dedication in the making off them and thanks again for sharing them.

I received my copies last week nicely packaged and labeled just within a few days after ordering them and I can recommend them to anybody who want to learn that great songs from Duane Eddy, don’t hesitate, just buy them and you won’t regret it. I just downloaded the backingtracks in the style off Duane Eddy and again top quality. The Top 22 Licks are great too and with some good backingtracks.

You are a great guitar player and so is your son, must make you feel very proud off him.

Greetings from the Netherlands and happy playing “

Gerald Van R.


” You know I bought my first guitar in 1961, I am 67 years old, and since then I always play the real Rock’n Roll: Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Bill Haley, Chuck, Buddy, Gallup, Wolf, fWalker, Waters, Crudup, Scotty Moore, Lewis, Valens, Bopper, Dion, Richard and Richards. Finally all this music that was born from the mixture of blues and country music and that John Fogerty was so well able to exploit vith CCR. Despite my age you are to me an excellent teacher, because the partitions are often poorly written or too complex, you know analise a song and keep only the most essential and you have the necessary pace and swing to the music. Continue, you are helping a lot of guitarists.

Gradually I will buy everything you do, but I am retired and the money is not easy. Thank you. Sincerely yours. “



” I wanted to thank you for taking the time to make these DVD’s. I have always had trouble figuring out the “fills” in songs, probably just due to a lack of musical talent. At the age of 53, I have dusted off my Epiphone and recently played in a band again, largely because I got hooked watching your videos on YouTube. I wish I had this kind of instruction when I was young! By the way, I like the fact that you don’t talk about the music, you just play it. Once again, my eternal thanks for making these videos. In my humble opinion, they are a bargain. The average guitar instructor charges 30 bucks a half hour and can’t do it half as well as you. I will be buying more of them I am sure. “

George M.


” Sam,

Like many others, I would like to thank you for the superb DVD lessons you have put together. I am not a professional guitarist nor do I play with a band – probably never will. I am like most who simply love music and play my guitar purely for personal enjoyment. I was cleaning out closets and came across my guitar that had been put away many years ago. I took it out of the case and tried to play only to find out that I had forgotten most everything, but it did rekindle my desire to play. I went surfing on the internet just to see if I could find some lessons and came across a site called MyTwangyGuitar. I was a little skeptical at first wondering if the lessons would be too advanced but decided to try a couple to see. Although my skill level was way down, the technique Sam uses on his DVDs was quite a pleasant surprise. As a result, I have made a very rapid recovery of my prior skill level and now surpassed it! I now own several of Sam’s DVDs, continuing to learn and enjoy tunes from Chuck Berry, CCR and others. I would highly recommend Sam’s DVDs to anyone who is looking to get away from the traditional chart type lessons and jump right into learning to play real songs that you have grown up with! Thank you Sam for providing the training I was searching for. Keep up the great work and keep putting out more great DVDs for those like me to twang to! “

Best regards, Paul


” Hi Sam,

I was up at the computer with one of your disks installed and practicing “Little sister”. I was working on the ending and having fun getting ready to dazzle my friends on our Wednesday night Blues get together. There are now four of us and I am feeling like one of the group ( mostly your influence ). I have been doing the mix and match of the first twenty two tricks and filling in where needed. I can even tell that I’m getting better each week. So Little Sister and I are getting acquainted when the sound of the dog sled with the post person attached, tinkles the cast iron mail box. Up from my chair, scooting down the steps and open the door, “Yes” it’s here.

Well this has “not” been one of those lunch bag let downs. Very good, I’m going to have fun with this, the cord diagrams will help the un “Twangyized” people and bring in a new group of followers. I will have to find another frame for Pick number two, Thank you. The extra disk will be given to who ever buys me the most “Tin Hortens” coffee in one week, or maybe two weeks if I can handle the caffeine. Thanks again PS I still have some money left, what’s next? “

Little Chilly Willie


” Sam,

I am still working on the eight or nine DVDs I already have. I would highly recommend to eveyone that wants to rachet up their playing, to just go for it and purchase all of the DVDs. The cost is insignificant, compared to the value of what you will recieve in return. “

Jim S.


” Hello Sir,

I’m very excited about your guitar instructional videos. I really think they will get me on a path to improving skills that are relevant toward me become a better guitar player and creating a fun, exciting band.I’ve gone down so many wrong paths with my guitar instruction, sometimes by my choice and sometimes with teachers who didn’t take time to teaching important fundamentals.

Even though I have been trying to learn rock like Angus Young and Jimmy Page lately, it’s difficult without having a solid background in rhythm guitar because your sense of musical time has to be right to take on solos. I’ve always loved rockabilly and roots and suspect many music fans do and naturally react to it. So here’s hoping I move through and digest a great deal of the material in the intelligent way that you’ve put it together.”


Duane D.

” Hi Sam,

I got to tell you how much I am enjoying Rockabilly Rules! When I ordered it I wondered if the DVD might be a little too basic for me (pretty solid intermediate player with a gigging band), but I find what you’ve done is offered great ideas for bringing a lot more color to my soloing. Every lick is like a little present I can’t wait to open. “

Tim W.

” Sam,

Initially I began writing another long “Glowing” testimonial when I realized that three simply words say it all “WORTH EVERY PENNY!” Thank You. “

Ken M.

” I would love to hear about updates to your product line. You film your lessons and demonstratiohns in a clear, professional manner – great work!

I would also like to thank you for all of your contributions to Youtube. I love it when “MyTwangy” pops up when I’m searching for online lessons. I know it will be a good lesson when I see an orange tele or Gretsch! Your playing is outstanding – so clean and precise. I think a lot of folks feel like I do – we owe it to you to buy your products because you’ve given so much to the online guitar world.

I played professionally for several years after college, but I gave it up to enter the corporate world, get married, and raise my son. I’m now getting back into practicing and playing after 25 years. I’ve joined a little rockabilly/ swing/ jump blues trio and your lessons are a great way for me to get new ideas for licks to update my stale collection.

Keep up the good work, and, once again, thanks! “

Laird C.

” I got ’em Sam….you have no idea how pleased i am…i figured out how to burn them as well…they are all working flawlessly whether i just watch the ISO file on my PC…or put the DVD’s i burned from the ISO’s and watch on the big screen…the menus’ work perfect as well when i use the DVD’s…what a fabulous product you provide. I am serious. There’s a lot of junk out there Sam…and a lot of good stuff too…only a few people i buy from. The licks are great for my level…they’re pushin’ me..I am having a lot of fun learning them and playin’ over your great backing tracks…which force me to stay in time..and i love rockabilly… played rhythm guitar when i was a teenager in the 60’s…loved it…put it down for 40 years…what a mistake…but never too late to learn..and i always wanted to learn more about lead guitar anyway…and you are just the guy to learn it from.. keep that great music comin’ sam… you said it best..after your bowl of campbells soup and espresso…life is good today….i feel the same way.. later, “

Steve M.

” I’m now the proud owner of three MyTwangyGuitar instructional DVDs. If you’re on the fence about buying any of these, for God’s sake, get your wallet out and just do it. The quality is incredible, and if you’re a fan of rockabilly, I defy you to find ANY instruction on these songs that’s as comprehensive as what you’ll… find here. Best of all, NO TALKING. Every other instructional DVD I’ve seen is 35 minutes of some windbag blabbing on ad nauseum. Take a lesson from Sam and shut up and play, dummy. “

Craig F.

” Hello, I received your DVD “Twangy’s top twenty two tricks” yesterday. Thank you very much for sending this so quickly. Well, I am really amazed by the clarity of the content. It fits exactly to what I am looking for, that is Rockabilly/rock’n’roll licks. I am trying very hard to prevent ordering your other DVDs because I will spend my time watching them instead of practising the guitar! I will get back to you as soon as I “master” all these licks. They remind me a lot of solo guitar we hear in Charlie Feathers’ songs! Thank you again Best regards “


” Sam: the DVDs are awesome. They are the best twangy telecaster instructional videos, ever. The format is totally unique. I’ve used a lot of instructional DVDs and these are by and far the highest quality, most well thought out, and easy to access. There is so much more information in the signal as compared with a typical hot licks video where the chatter is off topic and distracting. Thank you. These videos are going to make the holidays really enjoyable! “


” Sam, i recieved the dvd of ccr 1 and am totally delighted. i’m 64 years old and have been playing since the beatles arrived. iv’e never been that good and its been a striggle for me. i’m am anything but a natural when it comes to guitar and have to struggle with everything i learn. but, watching you and your method has just been exillerating. iv’e already learned 2/3rds. of the songs already. i guess that is the best way for me to learn, by watching. you’ve renewed my interest in the guitar and will be anxious to get my new dvds from. i can’t thank you enough. keep up the great work and i hope you have the best of holidays……..Allen “


” Hi Sam It’s 10:03 am, my time, I have just spent an hour dissecting the first part of “Susie Q” and have had a ball. I also let the disk spin into the next song “Down on the corner” and just had to stop and send my thanks. I have had more fun with my guitar in the past few months, after meeting you on my computer, then I have had my whole life. I use to think that a different guitar, more pedals or a bigger amp would help me get the sound that I was after, but you know, none of that helped. Having a guide that shows by example and takes the time to break things down for a beginner was what was needed. Your skill is great, you know that and so does anyone that watches and listens to you, but what you have given is an example of what can be done if a person is interested in applying effort. Thanks and thank you for the worthwhile things you will offer in the future. Your friend “

Charlie M.

“Sam, I’ve spent the past few days with ‘The Rhythm Sessions’ DVD and had to write to tell you what a spectacular job you did with it. I can’t count how much I’ve spent on other DVDs only to make me feel like I was completely inadequate. The way you break it down at the end of every clip makes it all so clear. As I was browsing through your site, I noticed you said you didn’t speak in your videos or include tabs. I’ll admit at first I thought this was a crappy way to do a video. Now I know why. You let your guitar do the talking. Why tell somebody to strum ‘up, down, up’ when you can show them! Also, good thing you say this isn’t for beginners. I think they might find it tough. This is definitely for somebody who has the basics down and wants to unlock the secrets to rhythm guitar. The backing tracks are superb! Lots of different beats and I love that you include a set with bass and a set without. I’ve used the set without bass to come up with my own ideas. I now own all seven of your DVDs and check your site daily for new stuff. If you post this on your site, feel free to edit as you wish. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your hard work and wish you continued success.”

Bill G.

“I just received my download of Twangy’s Top Twenty Two Tricks. I first encountered Sams videos on youtube and was impressed with the simplicity and quality of the material. I decided to check out the 22 licks vid as I wanted to further my understanding of lead playing. The licks are short and elegant in that you can play around with them by adding notes and altering them as you work with the included backing tracks. I used the first three licks to play over the first backing track, switching around from lick to lick. The tracks are all, so far, 1/4/5s in the key of E. you can mix and match by playing them in different positions on the fingerboard thereby setting yourself up to play in any key. The licks are played at performance speed and then slowly and are very easy to figure out. The video quality is excellent. I have a room full of books and DVDs that sit idle because they just didn’t get the information across. This is such a simple to understand layout. The licks could easily be used as rhythmic backing and, with a little experimentation, turned into lead lines. This vid has definitely pushed me out of my Boom Chucka paradigm. It’s hard to find anything of quality these days, especially made right here in the good old USandA, so I salute Sam for creating such a useful and elegant product. My next purchase will be the rhythm sessions. Keep up the good work, Sam!.”

Bob K.

“If you think it is easy to write one of these testimonials, you’re wrong. I could tell you about how I found this site, but it’s boring. Could give you some idea of what Sam has to offer in his DVDs or downloads, but you have already seen his work. I could tell you how great of a guitar player I am but then why am I buying all these DVDs . If you have watched Sam’s “Twangy Berry Blues” and want to play like that, then his lessons are just what you need. You do need some sound basic skills and plan on practicing, but the training Sam gives you is top notch. I get together with a friend every Wednesday for practice and playing. He had an R&B band for fifteen years and he played lead. We jam and he gives me things to practice on, every week. Lately I have been showing him my Twangy riffs and he was impressed. This past Wednesday we got together for our three hour jam. I brought my, just received, Rockabilly DVD to show him. We plugged in our Tele’s, put in the DVD, and let the amps hum for three hours as we sat with our unused guitars, mesmerized by Sam’s Gretsch and the way he teaches. I have every one of Sam’s disks and am waiting for the next offering.”


“Sam, Just received four of your DVDs and am completely blown away by them. I thought your YouTube videos were great, but the DVDs take everything to the next level. As usual, your production and audio are superb, but you’ve also taken some seriously complicated songs and broken them down so ANYONE can learn them. Since they’re on DVD’s and not a live lesson with a teacher, I can review them over and over again until I get the parts just right. I am so looking forward to your next DVD installment and want to thank you-my playing has improved 10 fold since finding you online. “

Kurt W.

“Sam, I meant to thank you for the quick delivery and the fantastic content on the “Twangy’s Top 20 Tricks” DVD. It’s fantastic and even more helpful on a bigger screen. “

Craig F.

“Hi Sam, Greetings from the UK! Just to let you know that the download was OK and DVD is burned and playing successfully. And I just want to compliment you a truly excellent set of licks! These are going to keep me occupied very nicely for a while and are quite superb, both in terms of content and presentation. Keep up the great work!.”

Cheers, Steve

“I’ve just bought all three videos and I have to say that they’re great! High quality video, great sound and a very good way to learn both the songs and the techniques needed to play them right. Solid through and through. A quick download and superb customer service helps too. Thanks, Twangy! :)”


“Hi Sam I have just received my Rockabilly Classics Dvd and may I say it is awesome ,anybody out there who is thinking of getting one of Sam’s Dvd’s don’t wait any longer you will not be disappointed and you will learn so much , many many thanks Sam I WILL be buying more of your Dvd’s”


“Hello Sam, thanks so much for this DVD – exactly what I have been looking for long time. I am more into rhythm playing than soloing, so I hope to find some rhythm chops on your DVD. I am fan of you for long time now and I can’t wait seeing you in one of your next Sam Style covers. A great pleasure always!”


“Hey sam realy am enjoying my CCR dvd helped me to straighten out a couple of solos i was working on thanks for your hard work on your dvds they are excellent> ;-)”


“Last week I received the DVDss (I ordered all five of them) from mytwangyguitar and I can assure you, I was very pleased with them. The image quality is superb and the instructions are clear enough for every beginning and advanced guitar player to pick up. I would recommend the DVDs of mytwangyguitar to everybody who is trying to learn some good guitar techniques.”


“Sam, I just finished working through your “Twangy’s Top Twenty Tricks” DVD and I wanted to let you know it’s a terrific leaning aid. As always the production values of the DVD are very professional and the addition of backing tracks is the perfect way to really get the licks down. Thanks again and I’m already looking forward to your next DVD!”