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Roots of Blues Guitar

Rockin’ The Blues and Blues Power combined will give you everything you need to be a rock solid blues guitarist. If you’re tired of the same old slow blues licks and are looking for blues with a harder edge, this is it. Each program includes 50 lessons with backing tracks. That’s 100 complete lessons at less than a buck a pop with 34 different backing tracks!

Let’s face it, ‘Rock and Roll’ is rooted deeply in the blues. Rock and Roll guitar is just an extension of the blues. While I enjoy all styles of blues guitar, I enjoy blues with an edge and more ‘upbeat’ blues. This is what you’ll find in this extensive package. Take a moment to view the previews below for just a taste of what is in store. At under a dollar per lesson with backing tracks and tablature, it is the best deal to be found anywhere.

Rockin’ The Blues

This blues instructional program bridges the gap between slow blues and rock and roll. A huge part of my style is rooted firmly in early, bluesy rock and roll. In the early days of rock and roll, the guitar player was pulling double duty on guitar, playing both rhythm and lead guitar. Prior to the British invasion, you would seldom see two guitar players in a blues or rock and roll combo.

In this program, you’ll learn how to use the guitar as the lead instrument. You’ll learn lead and rhythm guitar and how to combine the two through 50 individual lessons and 17 ALL NEW full length backing tracks. We’ll be learning rhythm and solos that are right for the part and allow the guitar to breathe. If you’re looking for another blues lesson that milks the blues boxes, you’ll have to look elsewhere. If you’re tired of playing the same old grooves and scales that leave you scratching your head, this package will have you making music in no time. Learning to play the guitar is work, but it has to be fun as well. If it isn’t fun, you’ll quickly lose interest.

99.9% of blues songs are in the I/IV/V chord progression. In keeping with that tradition, all but a couple of the selections here are I/IV/V chord progressions. You’ll get a bit of Chicago, Texas, Memphis, boogie woogie, shuffles – all the good stuff. We’ll stick to major, 7th and 9th chords. Take a look at the preview below for a glimpse at this package and how much variety it includes. Keep in mind this is only a small taste of what’s in store. You won’t find a package anywhere that includes this much variety at any price.

If you’ve been under-whelmed by the quality and variety of backing tracks you’re received from other instructors, you’re in for a real treat. You’ll get a wide variety of drum beats in addition to some blues and boogie woogie piano. All tracks are mastered using Izotope 5 Advanced Mastering Software, giving these backing tracks the punch and clarity of commercial recordings.

Last but certainly not least, each lesson includes full screen shots of the picking hand. I’ve always maintained that the picking hand is more important to the way a part is played than the fretting hand. Sure, the notes need to be fretted correctly, but the sound comes from the picking hand. Why treat it as if it were secondary? Take a look at the free lesson below with guitar in hand. If you can learn using this clear and concise method, you’ll nail this program – guaranteed!

Blues Power

My first blues program, Rockin’ The Blues, has been one of my top sellers since its release in February 2013. There has always been a heavy dose of blues licks and phrasing in my style. When I play, I play with conviction and soul – first and foremost. To me, it’s always been about playing with feeling and making every note count. I can’t stress enough how important it is to study every style of music and incorporate it into your own style. Rockabilly, Country, and Rock and Roll all have their roots planted firmly in the Blues. Look at the work of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, John Fogerty and the rest of my guitar heroes – they are some of the most well-rounded players around. You HAVE to play and study all styles of music if you want to be successful at your craft.

The ‘Blues Power’ instructional program picks up where ‘Rockin The Blues’ left off. If you are an advanced beginner to an adavanced guitar player, this program is just for you. Are you an advanced player that knows his/her way around lead guitar but struggles when it’s time to lay back and play a simple groove or rhythm? I’ve got you covered. You’ll learn rhythms and grooves that are the glue that holds everything together. As a guitar player, you need to know when to lean in and when to lay back or you won’t last very long in a band situation. You’ll be learning some Chicago, Texas and Mississippi style blues with clear and concise instruction.

Take a look at the preview below, this is just a sample of what you’ll be learning. This program includes 50 individual lessons. Yes, that’s 50 complete lessons, not licks! That’s approximately 600 bars of music including 17 ALL NEW backing tracks. Give a listen to the high quality backing tracks in the lesson preview below – these tracks shine. This instructional program also includes tablature in Guitar Pro and PDF form.


*100 Individual lessons with a running time of 5 hours and 35 minutes
*34 different backing tracks
*1 Ultra-Slomo file for ‘Blues Power’
*Tabs in Guitar Pro and PDF form for all 100 lessons!

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