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Twangy’s Boogie

Whenever I upload a new performance to YouTube, the requests for a lesson come pouring in almost immediately. I’ve recorded hundreds of music videos and have to re-learn many of the parts in order to produce a lesson. Not this time!

As soon as I finished recording the performance, I shot the lesson. As usual, each and every lick is broken down into sections. Each lick is performed at speed, slowly and very slowly. The lesson showcases each lick, then runs through the rhythm once at the end of the lesson. Since it is the same rhythm repeated throughout the song, I run through it once.

What’s a ‘timekeeper’ backing track? There are several breaks of eight counts during the song. It is a challenge keeping time during these breaks while playing the licks. This special practice track has a snare drum mixed low during these breaks to help you keep time. Once you have polished your performance, you can play along with the actual backing track I use.

Running time of this lesson is 50 minutes. This lesson includes a backing track. This lesson does not include tabs.

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Total file size = 750MB
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